FinConf.News (FinConf Conferences spin-off  https://finconf.com/ ) is a brand new, friendly and to the point online magazine. FinConf.News portal aim is to help our community create a meaningful impact; one that furthers and supports knowledge sharing, contributes to advances in Financial Services industry, and influences policies and business practices.

FinConf.News is the premier independent news and knowledge-sharing portal dedicated to innovation in Financial Services.

Providing a forum for open and forward oriented discussion and analysis on current and future trends, FinConf.News tracks the pulse of the Financial Services industry.

The new Financial Services information portal FinConf.News will be offering up-to-date news, industry events, researches and analysis to its subscribers and readers across the globe to better serve the information and knowledge-sharing needs of the Financial Services industry.

FinConf.News also offers reviews, highlights and perspectives on the future of this research area with the scientific leaders in fields related to Financial Services.

FinConf.News audience includes international senior executives, influencers, consultants, technology professionals, lawyers and public-sector decision makers.

FinConf.News is committed to achieving the highest standards of the accuracy and impartiality.

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