World’s First Mixed Reality VR / AR Banking Design Concept

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are nothing new for passionate gamers, but, in other industries, especially banking, it could cause a revolution. The potential of VR/AR’s power to create an exceptional user experience is still undiscovered, which is why’ UXDA took on the challenge to demonstrate how this kind of future banking would work.

Let us introduce you to the first mixed-reality banking concept that includes virtual reality banking, augmented reality banking, tablet, desktop, wearable and mobile banking.

Today, virtual reality and augmented reality have already become mainstream in the gaming industry. Thanks to its potential to engage, it attracts a lot of interest from gamers who want to enjoy lifelike, immersive experiences.

But, true mixed reality potential lies far beyond games; it’s a new digital platform that provides a revolutionary user experience. VR and AR technologies will merge digital content with the real world to create one constant reality.

This will enrich consumers’ experience with as-seen-in-a-movie opportunities in all the industries, especially after AI and 5G integration. VR/AR has one of the highest projected growth potentials, according to tech experts.

The main question is: how will everyday services work in the new environment, especially banking? For example, if we are in a virtual or augmented reality session, do we need to exit out to check a few transactions or send money to relatives using mobile phones?

UXDA’s team of expert financial UX architects and designers introduces you to the first mixed-reality banking concept that includes VR and AR banking design, tablet, wearable, desktop and mobile banking UI / UX.

Let’s say “hello” to the future and dive into how this kind of banking service could look in VR/AR and how we would be able to use it.

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