SRB publishes guidance documents for the bail-in operationalisation

The Single Resolution Board has today published a new set of documents to give operational guidance to banks on the implementation of the bail-in tool.

The documents include guidance on bail-in playbooks and instructions for bail-in data sets, which are accompanied by an explanatory note.

These documents were developed by the SRB, in close collaboration with the National Resolution Authorities.

The documents are not a new set of SRB policies, but rather a guide to help banks ensure the required preparation for bail-in application during the resolution planning phase and to fulfill the SRB Expectations for Banks, which is to ensure resolvability.

Speaking on the day of the launch, SRB Chair Elke König said, “Today’s publication is a follow-up to the SRB Expectations for Banks document we published earlier this year. With these documents we give banks additional guidance, so that that they can proceed with the necessary operational steps to become prepared for a potential bail-in event.”

The documents are available the SRB’s website and cover topics such as the identification of instruments, internal and external execution processes, and the provision of bail-in data points.

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