Tech Companies Will Lead the Way in a Broad, Post-Pandemic Societal Transformation

While causing or amplifying anxiety for many people, all the talk of how “nothing will ever be the same” after the coronavirus pandemic could use a deeper examination.

For some, a lot of things will remain pretty much the same. 

IT companies, in specific, have been operating under what most of the world sees as the “state of emergency”, or rather measures taken to alleviate it, for a very long time now. Remote work, location independence, agile adaptivity, tech-driven reductions of labor costs, overturning the traditional conceptions around work – all of these are very recognizable features of the tech and software development industries. 

For other industries and the society in general, these are “emergency measures”; from our point of view, these are simply smart measures. They make work and life in normal circumstances much easier; that they help us be ready for emergency scenarios is just an added bonus. On any given day, emergency or not, they make it easier for us to group, regroup and adapt to any change, to stay unrestrained by location, distance or false notions of needing people to breathe each other’s air to stay productive. 

The IT industry has a lot to say when it comes to being adaptable. Technology, after all, was invented to help people adapt and deal with the harsh realities of the world more easily. It makes sense that technology’s native industry understands adaptation better than others and is more versatile in making the most out of adaptive opportunities technology provides.

So, what are the things that will change? And, for whom? One thing is certain: the relationship between the IT industry and the wider society will be turned on its head. Because of their expertise in all-things-agile, and therefore the ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, technology companies will no longer be just providing tech products and services; the current crisis is setting us up for becoming thought leaders on a different, organizational level. Our ideas will be driving the discussion, not just providing the tech tools to facilitate the implementation of others’ ideas in this domain. Our experience, and the way we operate is about to become a blueprint for how the wider society operates. 

We need to embrace this opportunity and lead the change. That way, the “nothing will ever be the same after this” mantra will be something we can hope turns out to be true.

Sanin Saracevic

Founder and CEO at Maestral Solutions, Inc.