The Finanser’s Week: 9th April 2018 – 15th April 2018

The main blog headlines are …

AI and Best Execution: the Investment Bankers’ Dream Team

I don’t often blog about investment banking as it bores my readers who are cool and trendy retail bankers and geeks, mainly, but keep coming back to this article about JPMorgan’s Best Execution AI engine, LOXM. LOXM’s job is to execute client orders with maximum …

The fragility of trust

During the Asian Banker’s Retail Excellence conference that I attended recently, my friend Emmanuel Daniel posed the question: Who do you trust more: Facebook or the Government? Bearing in mind that this was in the week of the Cambridge Analytica leaked data storm, where everyone …

Mobile payments are on fire everywhere and, whilst some are just catching fire, others are burning

I am struck every day by the disparity in financial structures I see worldwide. Recently, I’ve visited Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia for example, and am bemused how none of these countries has a strong mobile wallet operator. Instead, the nations seem to be 100% …

The innovator’s view of Open Banking

I hosted a dinner focused upon Open Banking recently and what it means to FinTech firms and start-ups. There were no bankers at the table, but a lot of firms who consult, provide systems or are deploying new businesses in FinTech at the table. The …

Comparisons of platforms vs banks by the numbers

I’m not a financial analyst but a technologist and so, unsurprisingly, I got called out by some pedantic accountants over my simplistic assertion that Ant Financial is 35x more productive than banks like Barclays, as I was simply using their revenues per employee to make …

The latest news headlines 

Zopa creates new boards ahead of bank launch – Financial Times
P2P lender hires former Barclays and Standard Chartered executives

PayPal Makes a Move Toward Traditional Banking – TechCrunch
PayPal is nudging its customers closer to mainstream banking services. The payments company has been reaching out to groups of customers in recent months with an offer to add basic banking features to their PayPal digital wallet.

UK interest rates should be raised without delay, says Bank’s McCafferty – as it happened – The Guardian
UK interest rates should be raised again without delay, a leading Bank of England policymaker has said.

Deutsche Bank ousts British CEO after two-week boardroom battle – The Guardian
John Cryan replaced by Christian Sewing, vowing ‘tough decisions’ to reverse years of losses Deutsche Bank has ousted its British chief executive, John Cryan, after years of losses and promoted the retail banking arm co-head to the top job. Following a two-week boardroom battle, Deutsche appointed Christian Sewing as chief

China is at risk of a banking crisis, the Bank of International Settlements has found – CNBC
China is one of the economies most at risk of a banking crisis, according to the Bank of International Settlements, which published its quarterly review on Sunday.

How crooks are using a legal app to steal your bank card details in under one SECOND – The Sun
CON-TACTLESS card fraud has doubled in the past year – and The Sun on Sunday can reveal just how easy it is to fall victim while you shop. Our investigation found that a widely available app allows thieves to clone tap-and-go credit and debit cards in just ONE SECOND by pressing up against shoppers.

UK challenger bank gives up banking licence to focus on fintech – Computer Weekly
UK challenger bank CivilisedBank has decided to give up its banking licence for now to focus on being a financial technology (fintech) company.

Nationwide and Virgin Money dip deep into cheap Bank of England funds – The Telegraph

Deutsche Bank sacks British chief executive John Cryan – The Telegraph

Deutsche Bank boss John Cryan sacked after years of losses – BBC
The ousting comes after years of losses and a struggling turnaround at Germany’s biggest lender.

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