SIX Payment Services acquires Aduno SA to serve customers in Switzerland

SIX Payment Services has announced the purchasing from Aduno Group the business unit Aduno SA, responsible for acquiring and terminal business (card acceptance and processing).

The acquisition gives SIX the chance to grow and consolidate its position over the long term as a provider of card-based payment services in Switzerland and Europe.

The sale of Aduno SA to SIX has been completed at an undisclosed price. The transaction gives rise to a reinforced provider of European acquiring and terminal services. The economies of scale emerging from this merger ensure that merchants in Switzerland and across Europe are offered premier services at attractive conditions.

The customers of Aduno SA also receive the opportunity of bundling their domestic and foreign activities at SIX and of benefiting from its products and services. It further ensures that the acquiring business, which is important for the economy, is provided by a local service provider and Swiss customers are supported by a Swiss service provider in their country language.

Nothing will change for the time being for the customers of Aduno SA, nor will there be any changes to services or contact partners.

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