NEW JOBS x2 – Head of Content Production and Head of Content Distribution

11:FS. We’re looking for fun, talented people eager to create something great and join a team of the absolute best FinTech experts in the world.

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Our mission: We believe that Digital Banking is only 1% finished. At 11:FS our mission is to help banks become truly digital – it’s sexier than it sounds, honestly. Imagine having an assistant like Alexa managing your money. Then imagine something better: a proactive, predictive private banker that works invisibly in the background of your life, automatically acting in your best interest. Moving money to get you the best interest rates. Canceling auto-renewals for subscriptions you never use. Rebooking hotels when prices drop.

From strategy to execution, we help banks create these experiences for customers. We work on programmes to help shape cultures and strategies to delivering whole new banking organisations from scratch and we’re only at the beginning.

Digital banking is only 1% finished but we have created the team to deliver on the next 99% – Here’s where you come in.
We have two roles available that really go hand in hand to help shape our brand and take it to market. Fundamental to both of these roles is that we do not believe in paying for marketing but believe in earning it.

Role 1 – Head of Content Production

We are looking for someone hungry to help us shape the voice of 11:FS, and deliver great content week in and week out. We create audio, video and written form that touches hundreds of thousands of people and you will help drive it even further.

From defining who comes on FinTech Insider, and organising the logistics around audio and video interviews, to the production of written articles to accompany the show themes, you will be the driving force behind 11:FS content.

As an organisational ninja, you’ll oversee all content initiatives, both internal and external, across multiple platforms and formats to drive sales, engagement, retention, and leads.

You Will Likely Be:

A born organizer, potentially with a journalistic background, who knows how to both create kickass content to a deadline and makes sure that all of the moving parts come together to make that happen consistently across our channels.

Key Responsibilities:

Ultimately, the job of the Head of Content production will think like a publisher/editor/journalist, leading the development of content initiatives in all forms to drive new and current business. This includes:

  • Website  content production
  • Producer of FinTech Insider (The number 1 global FinTech podcast on iTunes) This will include:
  • Show theme creation
  • Guest booking and logistics
  • Content calendar
  • Audio / Video recording management (team members do the video and audio capture but it is your job the show runs smoothly!)
  • Show notes creation (News/Round Table/121 Interviews) weekly
  • Show review meeting planning
  • Strategic direction of shows
  • Creator and maintainer of the 11:FS tone of voice.
  • Owner of the 11:FS content production calendar.
  • Article Production Calendar
  • Partnership Content Calendars (LinkedIn, The Financial Times, Hot Topics etc)
  • Work hand in hand with the Head of Content Distribution
  • Engage with our audiences to understand the hot topics
  • Create original and unique content from briefings by the 11:FS team members (Jason Bates, David M. Brear, Simon Taylor, Chris Skinner etc etc)

Role 2 – Head of Content Distribution / Social Channels / Growth Hacking and Community Creation

We are looking for someone who lives online. Someone who gets how to put killer content in front of as many eyes and ears as possible and who can grow a community around the continual production of the some of the best musing and interviews on FInTech, Banking and Insurance that there is.

You will need to know in detail how to move the dial when it comes to the creation of an online presence and be at the forefront of the tools that are needed to manage it.

You Will Likely Be:

A social media magician having worked for a large organisation (one without the stick up their butt) or within the social media team of a large design or agency environment. You might be none of these though mind and might just be awesome at this stuff.

Key Responsibilities:

Ultimately, the job of the Head of Social and Distribution is is to distribute the sweet “products” that some of the best and the brightest minds in the game are producing. You’re driven by reaching as many eyes and ears as you can find on a global scale. This includes:

  • Content Distribution through all channels (owned and earned)
  • FinTech Insider Distribution
    • Creation of the FinTech Insider web pages and distribution via various means (podcasts / podcasts etc)
    • Distribution of FinTech Insider (iTunes/Android/SoundCloud etc etc)
    • Marketing of shows ahead of live (working with in house designers)
  • Management of all social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram)
  • Growth of our distribution channels
  • PR and coverage through traditional media (TV, radio, print, web)
  • Growth of the FinTech Insider and 11:FS Communities
  • Management of a FinTech Insider community
  • Manage the weekly 11:FS Newsletter
  • It will be necessary that you are an expert in content related matters and are highly knowledgeable regarding channel optimisation, analytics, segmentation and brand consistency.
  • Marketing analytics dashboard production weekly as to the effectiveness of content distribution

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